Photography Gifts Ideas 2022
So Christmas is just around the corner, or perhaps it’s a special birthday coming up and you’ve realised you need to get your photographer friend something special? Buying gifts can be difficult so I thought I’d share 7 Gift Ideas For Photographers to take away some of the stress of finding the perfect gift!

If you’re in the UK, I’ve added links where possible directly to the products. Some of these links are affiliate links which means that I will receive a small commission from anything that you purchase. This doesn’t affect the price you pay but it does help me in a small way to keep this blog online and any help is highly appreciated.

1-Vintage Camera Strap


Most photographers need a decent camera strap, and quite frankly, the generic branded camera strap that comes with your kit just doesn’t stand out. These Vintage straps come in a range of colours and styles and at less than £10, they fit within even the tightest budget!


2-Peak Design Leash Camera Strap


Sticking with the same theme, these straps by Peak Design are a step up in quality. They feature quick release connectors meaning that you can easily take the strap off your camera and use it on another without the hassle of traditional hard-to-remove straps. Coming in at around £35, these are slightly more pricey but the quality and ease of use mean you’re getting great value for money!


3-Memory Cards

Memory Cards

Whilst it may not be the most glamorous of gifts, the humble memory card is a vital part of any photographers camera bag, and you can never have too many! There are many different sizes ranging from 32GB to 1TB so there is something for every budget.


4-Memory Card Case

Memory Card Case

So you’ve got memory cards, but how about somewhere to keep them organised? Memory card storage comes in various sizes and the one we found below can store up to 54 MicroSD cards and 18 SD cards so you’ll never need another case!


5-Peak Design Sling Bag

Peak Design Sling Bag

If you’ve got a slightly bigger budget, the Peak Design Sling is a great everyday alternative to a larger camera bag. They are great for carrying around a smaller camera along with spares lenses and all of those gadgets that any photographer would need quick access to on a shoot.


6-Kodak Instant Printer

Kodak Printer

In these digital times, we take so many pictures and where do they go? They stay on your phone, or maybe you get around to putting them on your computer at best. Why not go back to the way it used to be and have some physical copies of your memories? This instant printer is wireless and can pair with your phone so your photographer friend will have no excuses for not printing some photos!


7-Camera Lens Coffee Mug

Lens Coffee Mug

What photographer doesn’t like a hot drink every now and then? Combine their love of coffee with photography and you get the Camera Lens Coffee Mug! It’s great for taking on a shoot and will keep your drink hot or cold while you travel. It looks just like a real lens so be careful not to try attaching it to the camera!


So those were just 7 Gift Ideas For Photographers to get you started but if you discover any unique gifts that you think we should mention, post them in the comments below!